Sunday, May 14, 2006

Exhaustion - or creating a Wrap of Many Colors in under 36 hours.

Some time ago I mentioned purchasing a Shepherd's Choice competition bag of various fleeces at the 2005 Shepherd's Harvest Lamb and Wool Show.

Well, I cleaned the wool some time ago - the Lincoln was absolutely the pits to clean - and then promptly forgot all about it. About two weeks ago, I suddenly remembered the competition and began spinning like a demon. (There must be more yarn, there must be more yarn! - shades of "The Rocking Horse Winner.") Then, I changed my mind about knitting an afghan and suddenly, the colors were all wrong. Back to the dyepot. Still not quite right? How about adding in some Kidsilk Haze? Well, after a long night of knitting on Thursday and an even longer night on Friday, I turned in my scarf on Saturday and - lost. I enjoyed the results but no gift certificates for me.

Here's a peek of the Wrap. The edge stripe of purple is Jacob wool dyed violet, the yellow is Southdown dyed with lemon jello and knitted with Kidsilk Haze, the green is Border Leicester, the golden rose is Lincoln, the turquoise knitted with Kidsilk Haze is Suffolk, the gold is Polypay, the red-purple is a mix of Ramboullet/Border Leicester/Corridown and the final pink stripe is Ramboullet. The other picture is of Oldest Daughter modeling the Wrap as Scarf along with her fabulous Giant Leg. Breaking a leg plus surgery for a plate/screw combination equals giant leg wrap and a wheelchair. Tomorrow we find out about getting a cast. She was especially bummed because rainy weather made the fair grounds too wet for using crutches or a wheelchair so she couldn't go to Shepherd's Harvest. Next year, grasshopper!


Eldest Daughter said...

Awww, I look like Joseph or summthink. *grins*

Ellen said...

No, you look like a fabulous leg or counter model. I'm sure you have a bright future. And, I think I might keep the scarf for myself.