Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For me, knitting is never all that serious.

I just got around to listening to the knitting related pod casts that I downloaded from I Tunes. I've been listening to Knitcast with Marie Irshad for a long time. She is humorous and really dedicated to knitting. I have never been disappointed in one of her pod casts. Now, Marie has a big set of shoes to step into (not literally, of course, Marie sounds like a lovely petite woman on the radio. I actually do not know what she looks like) for a budding pod caster. However, some of the ones I've been listening to sound awfully serious. Knitting is a craft, usually a hobby and sometimes a business but it should never be SERIOUS!

Maybe relaxed knitting is not a syndrome but a symptom. I thought I was just an extremely loose knitter who loved knitting but not all the work that goes into it. Perhaps, unlike all these "you should teach this way, hold your needles this way, use patterns this way” bloggers, I am just not a serious person.

I don't think I have ever been disappointed in a blogger - after all, everyone has something to share and I have learned a lot but LIGHTEN UP, FOLKS!

Now, back to my regularly scheduled knitting . . .

After putting away Oldest Daughter's blue sweater for a long time - not that I didn't want to knit it but the scarf, the socks, the shawl all pulled me into their lairs - I am finally drawing to a close. Inch by inch. While I learned a lot from this sweater, I have since learned about Combination Knitting from Annie Modesitt and every stitch has been an admission of failure.

Change, Baby, Change! or Change is Good!

Unfortunately, the stitch change would change the gauge. So, no changes. But I can't wait to start the next sweater!!

Now this is serious knitting!

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