Saturday, May 27, 2006

Biking -not blogging

Although not attractive, I am not falling down while in this race. This was at the Melpomene Institute 5K earlier in the month.

Yes, today I almost fell off my bike in public TWICE! I am so glad I picked this sport. The next embarrassing thing - buying a wet suit! I've also been reading a great book called "The slow fat triathelete - live your athletic dreams in the body you have now" by Jayne Williams. So far, she is right on topic for me. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to fall off her bike much.

Today was the joy of biking and then the grind of cleaning bathrooms and cleaning the porch. New porch furniture, however, makes for a much more pleasant Sunday of knitting and iced tea sipping. Perhaps a photo is in order. Socks, blue sweater and shawl could all make an appearance.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Eldest Daughter said...

Hey mom, how are you hosting your pictures? None after the wrap are showing up for me.