Monday, June 05, 2006

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Not much knitting has been going on at Chez Belle. The end of the school year, final exams, beautiful weather for biking have all competed with the last darn little bit of Oldest Daughter's Blue Sweater. Just in time for 80 degree F. weather - a beautiful wool sweater!

I have been using my brand new Mother's Day gift of a carding machine but not spinning very much at all.

My husband and I have been exploring the Bruce Vento and Gateway Trails here in Minnesota and they are so cool! I am still brought up short sometime by my fear of falling off the bike but since I'm not working for speed anyway - lazy knitting has corrupted other parts of my life - I figure how bad could be road rash be?

Thunder and rain are interrupting my David Letterman viewing so - off to bed.


Melissa said...

Hey, my first comment. When it is`so busy and I hardly get to see you, I can read your blog and get caught up. well, off to evals.

Ellen said...

Yes, but if you were checking in about the thinking - you'd be sorely disapointed! Thanks for visiting - enjoy your trip to New York!