Thursday, July 27, 2006

Telling, not showing, or - "Out, out, damned digital camera!"

Well, I'd love to thrill you with another stunning digital photo of Andy's sweater, aka. "The Brown Blob", but someone has misplaced the camera. Not me, I swear! My daughters have taken it to produce photographic evidence of Computer Time Overuse - using the family computer during non-computer use hours - as a way to blackmail each other. Stupid but funny! Along the way, the camera has been misplaced.

As I inch long with the cable-heavy blob, I've been dreaming about another project. I do have Middle Daughter's rose-purple cardigan to work on but I too a page from another fiber blogger's journal and went to investigate my stash.

It wasn't as bad as I remembered. Along with various small projects half done and a variety of sock-able two skeins, I mostly need to work with 16 skeins of gorgeous Classic Elite Inca Alpaca (109 yds per skein) in a lovely soft turquoise blue, five skeins of the old-style Jamieson's Soft Shetland in Amethyst (100 yards per skein) and four skeins of Jamieson's Soft Shetland in Granny Smith green - all shades and yarns that I would love to do something with.

Add to all this my great buy on Rowen Yorkshire Tweed in Cheer (red?) and I have a burning need for patterns. PATTERNS, folks, right here in River City. What can I make with all this bounty? I know some boy babies who need attention and I could start a cardigan for myself in the Alpaca but . . . this needs some mulling over.

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