Sunday, June 15, 2008

A lazy little update among the roses

Well, I would say that I was living up to the Lazy Daisy name yesterday - but I was actually busy trying to balance the fun and less fun aspects of life at Chez Daisy. Taking time to smell the roses, as it were . . .

First off the bat, Mr. Daisy and I went biking - a lovely 23 miler on a beautiful Minnesota morning. Then, back to reality and cleaning kitchens, sun rooms bathrooms. The Youth Staff here at Chez Daisy are in charge of dusting and vacuuming but I handle the messy stuff - wiping and mopping the kitchen and cleaning the downstairs bath. Upstairs, the teen bathroom is technically cleaning by a member of Teen Staff on a weekly rota but this week's lucky teen was out camping and if I wanted to see something done, I had to do it myself. Adding in the second bathroom, I spent the rest of the day cleaning and wiping.

Then, we had a quick drive out to Camp Rolling Ridges in Hudson, WI, where Oldest Daughter and Youngest Daughter were holding court at a service unit encampment. Most of their troop are high school seniors and they were honored at the end of the day flag ceremony. In fact, so many of the girls are graduating that Youngest Girl is going to take the Juliette Option next year - she's going to become a stand-alone, one girl troop. She likes to say she is becoming a Rogue Girl Scout!

After a lovely camp dinner and a trip to the movies (a silly, Adam Sandler-guy movie in honor of early Father's Day), I was beat and went to bed.

AND, I didn't knit in public. Anywhere. I actually took my Go with the Flow sock to the movie theater (I do knit through previews!) but we were so late and crowded that I didn't take the sock out. I will remedy this today by sitting on my front porch and knitting. All the rain during the past few weeks has really brought my roses out - at least it was good for something!

I did have a little Eureka moment recently when I realized how far out my project list runs and that I better get started knitting in earnest.

The project list includes: a re-knitted sweater for Oldest Daughter, a repaired sweater for my sister, baby sweaters, my husband's Brown Aran, a shawl, a cardigan and some (3) projects from last year. Not to mention the socks . . .

I made my Saturday Seven thanks to Mr. Daisy - he contributed this fax machine from his old office. It's going to a neighbor who needs one.

The boy's clothes are going to Baby Karl - a son of one of my book club's members. Thank goodness, he's just a year or so behind Youngest Child!

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Guinifer said...

I love when I can hand my stuff down to someone close by - especially before it looks "old"!