Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Day!

Congratulations on your big day, Kate!

Tomorrow, more graduation fun. I am already exhausted!

There has been some knitting this week -

Go With the Flow socks were an easy choice for taking to yesterday's Senior Dinner and today's commencement excercises. At home, however, I've been running too fast to get much knitting time. I could actually use more sleeping time!

We did take a break on Friday and went down to Knitter's Palette in Lakeville to participate in their open spinning time. Oldest Daughter and I both took our wheels and it was a lovely experience. Her wheel is rather rickety and she got some great advice for tightening things up. I just enjoyed the company - usually it's just me and the television. I've finished the cormo from last week so I was working on some of the "Oak Lichen" fiber from the Red Star Yarn Company. I only got a little spun but the company was excellent. Perhaps we'll get to another one this month.

I found this week's Saturday Seven in the laundry room - two locker shelves that don't fit my daughters' new school's lockers, two old textbooks, one outdated iron (still works - just old), and two pairs of gym shorts. This week I really need the room so they are already at St. John the Evangelist.

Just a reminder - Knit in Public Day is next Saturday, June 14. What's going to be on your needles?


Guinifer said...

Dang! I forgot to take a picture of the pile outside my garage last thursday - six garbage bags full for the Vets to pick up!

(Congrats Graduate!)

Lorraine said...

Hey, let me know when you attend the next open spinning in Lakeville. Maybe I can sneak over and join you. Sounds like fun!