Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good bye skirts! Hello Yarn!

This weekend I did a round of "show and tell" with my skirts. I tried them on, "showed" them to my daughter and she "told" me if they looked good. The net results was six skirts and a belt. I think most of these were desperation skirts. You know, you've got to go to a funeral, a holiday dinner, an opera or a school function and you need a skirt NOW! They never go with any of your other stuff, they don't fit comfortably and they are going a-way. Good bye green skirt, black skirt, one plaid and three florals. Who actually looks good in a jungle print skirt?

I did keep three summer skirts, two black winter skirts, a corduroy skirt and one plaid one for Christmas. Knitting wise, I am taking on a pair of felted moccasins from "Felted Knits." Photos to follow.

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Guinifer said...

Isn't it liberating to have that extra closet space?