Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Remember that little girl from "Signs?"

The one with the glasses of water everywhere? Well, that was me as I spilled a full glass of water into my laptop bag. And onto my knitting bag, too, but there were no electronics involved there . . .

Dear Mr. Daisy has done a lovely job getting things back online - I was very bummed out by the idea of losing the old lap top - but now, I'll need to get posting again.

New project clashing with the February Sweater. The Road Not Taken Scarf from "A Fine Fleece." Fun and easy so far - I am using the sock yarn I received as part of my HSKS gift.

That cute brown/gold/black yarn at the top of the photo. So far, I am wishing I hadn't wound it so tightly but the yarn is knitting up well. Don't let your angst-y teenager run your ball winder - it's bad for your yarn!

Now, back to knitting and sewing - photos to come later. I am still out here!

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Guinifer said...

I'm still waiting for my goodie-box. She shipped it last Wednesday from Canada, so I may be waiting a while. That yarn is truly pretty. Love the shades of brown.