Saturday, June 19, 2010

My new sock?

Okay, so I was overwhelmed by the sock love going on at the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's June "Sockapolooza" meeting - all kinds of sock techniques displayed made me hungry! - and I started another pair of socks.

The "My Vampire Boyfriend" sock from is a knit-a-long project over at and now it's giving me heart palpitations!

I'm using some lovely Claudia Hand Painted Yarn (Fingering Weight) in the "Rubies Playing" colorway. It's a deep, rich variegated red. The pattern? Grrr. I've ripped back twice.

I'm thinking a nap should clear things up. I had a 1 mile swim this morning and while it was an okay workout and not that hard of a distance, I really had a problem sleeping last night. Lots of sighing!

The rain held off and my time was about seven minutes slower than in a pool. 
(Editor's Note: Times were posted today and my time was actually 31:12 - that's actually only 1 minute slower than my pool time! Yea!)

And I ran into fellow knitter Shelly Kang! She was doing the 2 mile swim and looked fantastic!

Today's Saturday Seven starts out pretty slowly - no photos except for a "Kent Co-Pilot Kids Tag-a-long bike." 

Our neighbors gave it to us after their own grandson stopped using it. Youngest Child is biking on his own now and we needed to find it a home. So, off to Freecycle with it!

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Shelly Kang said...

Hey, Ellen! Good to see you today! Great job on the swim.

BTW, have you already posted that bike on Freecycle? If not, I would love to grab it. We've been wondering if Julie is ready for one of those.