Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rainy days make for spinning days

This has been a week short on knitting - literally. I've been making chenille washcloths again.
The great thing about washcloths is that they are extremely portable - even more than socks - and if you make a mistake, no one will know. The chenille yarn (the remains of Crystal Palace Yarns Cotton Chenille from the last set of washcloths I made!) is extremely forgiving!

Today has been my first day using my Lendrum since Shepherd's Harvest - I've just haven't had the time to get things set up - but I've been spinning with a vengeance. That wretched free fleece? I've worked it up into a series of greys and black yarns and I'll be using it for something where itchiness isn't a factor. Hats? Bags? Mittens?

I've been using this rainy Saturday for spinning mostly so I can get caught up on episodes of Stargate Universe.
This is a fabulous sci-fi show with a plot very much like a "lifeboat in the stars." Using the Stargate technology (from the two previous Stargate television shows), survivors from an alien attack have ended up on an ancient starship going goodness knows where. They are trying to get home, all get along and figure out the ship's controls at the same time. Very intense! And it has Scottish actor Robert Carlyle as a good/bad scientist . . .

I did take a break to assemble today's Saturday Seven. Luckily, Oldest Daughter is moved to a new apartment this past week and supplied me with some cast-off clothes.

A pair of jeans and two tops came from her - I contributed two turtlenecks, a swimsuit cover-up, and a cycling jersey. I think this covered all the seasons! Back to SGU!

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