Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chickens in the city . . .

or boys in the barn! Youngest Child decided that the chicken roost was just right for him. 

After a long but fun day at the Minnesota Zoo on Friday with Youngest Child and his classmates,  I came home to find this . . .

a lovely package and a kind note. What was inside?

 Jane over at Not Plain Jane had a little comment contest a while back and it turned out I won a skein of Spirit Trail Fiberworks Orihime in "Shoreline." It is a merino/cashmere blend and it is very soft!

The green/gray colors bring the rocks edging a lake to mind. I'm  hoping to get my first open water swim in this weekend so you can see where my mind is!

As part of my Memorial Day cleanup (we're having a guest - Hi, Kim!), I weeded out these games and crafts. Six board games and one plate craft. Sad to say - this was only one of several sets of Candyland. 

I'm trying to get the older girls to play a game tonight since we are all home. Carcassonne or Dutch Blitz perhaps?

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