Sunday, November 07, 2010

I can't believe I forgot!

I have so few finished items lately that I can't believe I forgot to list one.

Some time ago, I picked up some Cascade 220 to make a set of a hat and mittens for the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's service knitting project. I originally planned on the Ruth Hat and Mittens from Norwegian Handknits: Heriloom Designs from Vesterheim Museum

Alas, I was stuck away from the book one night (it was in my knitting bag, in my car, with my husband at a meeting) but I did have access to the pattern for the 3 a.m. Cable Hat. So that's what I made. I'm still planning to do the Ruth Mittens with what is left of my two skeins.

The cables are very easy and the clever decreases allow the cables to continue all the way to the top. I doubled the Cascade 220 so it would be a bulkier hat.

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Guinifer said...

There's a cute face under the hat as well!