Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snow, snow and snow.

Bah. I like snow as much as anyone else but it did interfere with my plans to mulch the garden this weekend.

Luckily, most everything was picked up because of the "Quidditch fest" we had on Halloween weekend and as long as I can still get to the bird feeders, I'll be fine.

I'm not resisting temptation any more on the Citron front. Yes, my second skein of Sumptuosity arrived this week and I am champing at the bit.

As soon as this blog entry gets finished, I'm casting on and settling down to watch Coraline with Youngest Child. I loved this movie and my book group read it last year but we just haven't sat down together to enjoy it yet.

I thought I might get finished with the Hedgerow Socks as a 21st birthday present for Oldest Daughter

- yes, she is that old! - but the cold that swept through my house cut down on all productivity, knitting included.

Today's Saturday Seven went out last week to my son's school's rummage sale. Bye bye books and tapes!


Tonyia said...

What a good night to snuggle in for a movie! We haven't seen Coraline because my 14 year old is afraid of seeing a less than stellar interpretation. As someone who read the book, you'd sincerely recommend it?

Ellen said...

Yes, I highly recommend it! For some reason, it's not showing well in 3d on my machine but it is a great movie. Also, for the a knitter, the teeny, tiny knitted clothing is fabulous.

It's not exactly true to the book but close enough. Enjoy!

Knittymama said...

I just watched Coraline the other night too.

Your whole Quidditch things sounds like ti was a blast!