Monday, November 22, 2010

Just in time for the holidays . . .

It's amazing how many things get finished when death is on the line - oh, no, that's "The Princess Bride."

It's amazing how many things get finished when cleaning the house for Thanksgiving is on the line.

I needed to put my my rigid heddle loom away for the holidays. So I decided to make a bag for it. The large bag holds the loom and the little bag holds the heddle, the shuttles and the pick-up stick. 

I also found time to finally sew on the button on the Mr. Greenjeans sweater. Not my original lovely button but an okay substitute.

Also - remember this?

I finally finished it as well. I really like the loom - not so much the cotton yarn. I'm looking forward to making another shawl or scarf!

And this? You know, the Little Bits quilt from two years ago? Finally, I picked it up from the quilters, Two Quilting Ladies, today. I'm going to put the binding on next weekend and then I'll take a photograph. 

And the Hedgerow Socks? I'm decreasing for the toes! Excitement!
And there is even more knitting going on around here - 

Middle Daughter is home from school for Thanksgiving break and she is knitting! All those years and she never wanted to knit anything. All it took was a "good friend" who needed a hat. 

Oh, and that Saturday Seven? 

More tapes that went to the rummage sale at Youngest Boy's school.

Things at Chez Daisy are getting tidier every day!

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Guinifer said...

You are crazy busy!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!