Monday, February 28, 2011

Blue - like cheese?

Well, we're not sick anymore. That's a good thing. 

But we did have to cancel a family trip because all five of us were sick with influenza and right now, I'm having a hard time working up any more enthusiasm for winter. I want to see some bare ground. Maybe a bud on a branch somewhere. Just a wee sign of spring. Sigh.

With Youngest Child's last mite hockey game over with, I am transfering my Tangled Up in Blue socks back into regular knitting rotation.

They have an odd wrinkly toe - I probably increased incorrectly - but the rest of the pattern is just fine. This photo is right before the start of the gusset.

Row, row, row my wrinkly blue socks!

It was hard to get enthused for a Saturday Seven. Mostly, it was just pants I decided I could live without.
 I hate buying pants - I can never find what I want and it feels very wasteful to end up getting rid of a pair that you've hardly worn. Four pairs of pants, a nightgown and two tee shirts off to the rummage sale at St. John the Evangelist.

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