Saturday, February 05, 2011

Two mittens - lovely and warm!

Two Quo Vadis mittens finished. I tried to get a photo with the scarf I am planing to wear them with. The scarf is mostly blues, grays, blacks, gold and orange and my new puffy coat is black so I am set for winter.

 I wore them to another outside hockey game and they were toasty! 

The pattern designer, Spillyjane, also has a contest involving her latest free pattern, Camilla. If you knit a pair of her Camilla mittens and send her a photo of the finished mittens by February 28, she'll give you one of her patterns free! Free is always a good word and her knitting patterns are lovely.

For some reason, I didn't take another picture of the full set of bags. I think it was because the rest were in the back of my van. Seven duffle bags (seven totally unnecessary bags, by the way!) finally went to the rummage sale.

Hmm. Do I go back to my Tangled up in blue socks or do I start the Camilla Mittens? Or a Vest for Vestuary? HMM - I think I need help!

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Cat said...

Beautiful mittens! LOVE them!