Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mitten, mitten, who's got the mitten?

Me, that's who!

It's actually very hard to use one hand to photograph the other hand as it reaches for the brownies . . .

I love the colors and the fact that I'm mostly using up odds and end from other projects. It makes me feel thrifty even if I'm actually not!

Today was a very busy day, culminating in a last minute dash for a new swim cap as I have a swim meet tomorrow - the Minnesota Masters Ice Breaker Meet. I'm really only aiming to keep my goggles on when I dive off the blocks.

This week's Saturday Seven - a sweater, a pair of pants, four books and some artificial flowers. See, even small stuff takes up room so off to the rummage sale it all goes.

1 comment:

Knittymama said...

Jealous...they look warm! I've got some threadbare mittens there days.