Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting our "grit" - Minnesota style!

This was the first outside mite hockey tournament for our family. Three days of games - all outside. Oldest Daughter didn't play until she was 10 and she skipped the mite system so it's all new to us.

Wednesday night and we are all watching by standing on a big mound of snow just outside the boards. Good thing those little kids are so darn cute - otherwise we would have all gone back inside.

I asked Youngest Child if his coach gave him any special instructions and he said, "Yes. The coach said the other team were all little kids so don't knock them down." As Youngest Child is only 7, the other team must have been composed of four year olds! 
This may have lead to his Gold Team's amazing win! And they won again today, too. There may be something in this hockey thing . . . let's see if they can make it a three-peat tomorrow!

As for the whole knitting thing, you can't knit standing on a mound of snow outside in the 15 degree F. weather. So, I'm still creeping along on the Tangled Up In Blue socks. And I'm thinking of using some of this project's 

leftover yarn - Dream in Color Classy - to make some mittens. I have a new winter coat that needs some cute mittens!

Today's Saturday Seven was easy. 

I've been cataloging my books using the site and it makes weeding out books very easy. I'm thinking of offering them up at my Monday Night Book Club next week. Then, the remainders go to a rummage sale.

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