Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, really?

The weeks after being sick, sick, sick are usually pretty quiet. But not here. Two weeks of missed cleaning? Check that off. Two weeks of missed laundry. Check. Finally going grocery shopping? Check.

Add in a birthday

And a ski trip to Northern Minnesota

The view isn't much here - but that's because we were in the middle of a lake! 

Lovely Liz and I had this trip by ourselves (we decided that the ice was faster to ski on but the snow trail was quieter) but the whole weekend was knit, ski, knit, ski with breaks for eating. 

Even Youngest Child was exhausted by Saturday night.

And we finally had knitting here at Chez Daisy. Alas, it was poorly done knitting. 

I have some advice for you - do not knit when you have the flu. I've spent the last week or so frogging "Knitting under the influence" on socks and my vest. The socks are done now - but I've given them away as they look odd.

Lovely yarn (Pagewood Farms Yukon in Vineyard Blues) and a pretty pattern but I don't have any idea of where I went wrong to make them so "wrinkly."

The vest - I did all the shoulder decreases before I was supposed to knit 7 to 9 inches. So, time to lay it all out and reknit. Sigh.

Saturday's Seven is going to the rummage sale today. I may be showing my age but - I long for the days of the good old regular weight turtleneck. 

Four of the items here are light "tissue weight" turtlenecks. Nasty, stretchy, not fit to keep you warm turtlenecks. Why they even make them, I don't know. A skirt, a boy tee shirt and a pair of boots rounded out the seven. 

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