Monday, March 21, 2011

Please come closer . . .

Saturday's "Supermoon" - but at a distance.

 closer . . 

A little closer - hazy but discernable. 
Oh, no - a little too close!

* Are you flashing back to Disney's "Alladin" movie? Try saying it in a Robin Williams voice!


Like many other photographers, I was trying for a nice shot of Saturday's "14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter" appearance of the moon but - not my night. 

It was a beautiful sight, however, when viewed from the shore of Cross Lake in Minnesota. I was at the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's "Great Guild Getaway" this weekend and had a lovely (if still quite snowy) time. 
Lots of knitting (almost finished my vest) and lots of free yarn and books. Great food and company as well. If you are in Minnesota, you really need to check this out next year. It's open to all knitters, not just guild members, and it is very relaxing.

I almost finished my Artisan vest - I had a fidgety time with the crochet edging and buttonholes.

Luckily, the retreat was jam packed full of crocheters and I got a lot of help. Today, it's time to crochet the armholes and then I have to find some buttons.

Too close?

I'm counting that blocking will straighten up the edging.

I'm going to blog about the wonderful books and yarns I won and bought (yes, a "clean out your stash" auction is one of the events at the retreat) in a day or two . . . 

My Saturday Seven is more little boy clothes - he's just not that little anymore. 

Peppers! And way in the back, tomatoes!

And I, too, finally have some sprouts! (And what looks like a wicked case of mold but actually that is dirt that has washed into my basement through the window well as a result of all this snow melt.) 

I splurged and bought a pack of the Fabulous Beekman Boys' Beekman 1802 heirloom seeds. It's still only time to start some of the seeds (peppers and tomatoes) in Minnesota but I'll be working on the rest of the seeds later in the season. The Beekman television show is aiming at creating a "virtual community garden" by encourage their viewers to try raising the same kind of heirloom seeds - I'll keep you posted on how this turns out.

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Knittymama said...

Love the vest! It's a great color.

We couldn't even see the moon here. Too cloudy:-(