Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goofing off in the snowy North

Two of my daughters have dances this evening and I should have been working on getting them out the door but this is what has been distracting me instead.

It is just a lovely, sunny but cold day here in Minnesota and once I got upstairs in my cozy office/spare bedroom, I couldn't help just goofing off. Checking out vacations at Walt Disney World and Colonial Williamsburg (our school has an odd week-long break in February), looking at pictures of David Beckham dressed as Prince Charming (with my teenaged Disney daughter), setting things up for Girl Scout Cookie Sales (I'm a cookie mom - want some cookies!?), etc., etc., etc. Cozy and warm and with a high speed Internet connection - what more could you want?

I did collect seven things this week. I thought this would be a difficult week but once I started thinking about who needs what to keep warm and cozy, things were begging to go to good causes. I found many more than seven items.

The blue jacket was Youngest Child's coat last winter and he just can't squeeze in it anymore. It was a great Hanna Anderson jacket - enjoy it, Baby Karl! The green coat was a leftover from Oldest Daughter's closet - she just doesn't wear as much Army surplus anymore. Thank Goodness! Cozy blue robe - out grown. Green gloves - outgrown. Six sweaters - not outgrown in the physical sense but definitely in the style sense. I just don't wear short sleeved sweaters anymore.

Well, Time to leave the nest and deliver girls to their pals houses. One is going to an Oldies Dance and - she's wearing 1980's clothing. Hmm - I used to have a lot of that! The other is going to a Father/Daughter dance - without her dad. He's out of town for the weekend and she's horning in on someone else's Dad Date. Me? I think a good dose of "Torchwood" is in order!

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Guinifer said...

You have got to e-mail me your link to the Torchwood eps! I haven't been able to find it on my own.