Thursday, January 18, 2007

The story of something missing

As I sit here working, my husband and Youngest Child are reading "I Spy Mystery" by Jean Marzollo with photographs by Walter Wick. It is a lovely book of picture riddles. DearHusband made that title up as the subtitle for the page they are working on. Strangely enough, it applies to what I am working on.

What's missing is COLOR! Something is definitely up with my digital camera as every picture in the last few days has had its color sucked out. A Color Vampire is out to get my knitting. Now, I know that my BC socks are a lovely pink/white/purple. I know my baby sweater is deep denim blue. Alas, that is not so, according to these pictures.

I've been having a hard time with the pattern for these socks but I think I've got it beat. I finally figured out how to use Annie Modesitt's "No Cable Needle" cabling on the pattern. That's really sped things up. As for the rest of the sock, I might be messing up the gauge but I'm willing to let it go a bit.

As for the blue sweater, it's got a while to go. This is the Tedious Path of Knitting. Round and round and round. If I could only add this to my workout as exercise!

I think I've got a head start on planning for the new year - I just picked up The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book: Contemporary and Classic Patterns by Margaret Klein Wilson. I've been checking it out for awhile and just couldn't resist any more. I think I'm just a traditional kind of girl knitter at heart. I would like a little more color, however!


Guinifer said...

What sweater pattern are you using?

Ellen said...

The pattern for the baby sweater is Cottage Creation's Lillie's Little Sweater. As for what pattern from the new book I'd make, I really like Lisa Lloyd's Cable Weave Pullover.