Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To Sock or not to sock or "Let's pretend it's Wednesday!"

I've tried to publish this post at least three times this week with nothing but failure. I'm not sure if Blogger is failing me or I'm just picking a busy time but - there has been knitting going on this week at Chez Daisy. I've been indulging my not-so-secret addition to watching "Torchwood" over the Internet and finally getting to view the extended versions of "The Two Towers" and "The Fellowship of the Ring." My teenagers have what's called "Project Week" so they are working on various projects at home. Now, If I could only get them to stop raiding the refrigerator and losing the television remotes!

For the "Torchwood" viewing, I have to knit very simple work so I can manage to download the next episode, watch the current episode and not drop my laptop all at the same time. I've been working on Cottage Creation's "Lillie's Little Sweater" - very easy and pleasant. My only problem so far was forgetting to keep the button band done in garter stitch. I think I'll need to block the band pretty firmly in order to make up for where I had to frog it out and restitch it.

After winding up my "Violet's Pink Ribbon" into a ball, I've been having second thoughts about making a shawl. It's just very - pink. A lovely, spring-like pink. So, I read about Lisa Lloyd's free "Pink Ribbons Breast Cancer Awareness" pattern for socks and decided to give it a try. After I tried unsuccessfully to start a toe up sock about three times! I think my problem is trying to teach myself a technique and produce it at the same time. No go. Here is the VPR on the swift and ball winder as well as in the sock pattern.

Neither picture has the correct color depth but they do give you a taste of the pastel palette. Now, on to "The Return of the King - extended edition!"

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just drive you nuts when you can't find the remote? I put them on top of the TV when I'm done. Hub Knitting puts them in the sofa cushions. Infuriating!