Saturday, January 20, 2007

I see the New Year and I want to paint it - grey

Black is what I was working on - but this darn camera. Actually, everything looks slightly chocolate brown which would fit right in with my evening of wine-ing and dining with old friends including a great chocolate martini. So, no knitting today or tonight but plenty of fun nevertheless. I have to go to bed RIGHT NOW, I really mean it.

Oh, and the Saturday Seven? A great black Forrester consulting bag, some pants, shirts, two poorly chosen skirts from some of my daughters, some really "hand-me-down" black stonewashed toddler jeans (when were these in fashion?) and a belt. Which might not actually be black but navy blue. I couldn't tell.


Guinifer said...

Good job on keeping up with your cleanup! I'm doing this more on a monthly basis, but this renovation has really inspired me (so has having a dumpster in my driveway!)

Ellen said...

Well, the dumpster might encourage me to just start dumping!