Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stop right there!

If this giant hand was waving at you, you'd stop, right? This is one of the pair of Mad River Mittens from Knitty that I am working on right now. To give you an idea of the scale, here's another look . . .

I knit this last night while watching "Torchwood" over at and they were almost too easy. After the knitting is done, the felting begins. I just had to go to bed before finishing the second. That will happen this afternoon while I watch "Bright Young Things" on DVD.

Speaking of knitting, I visited Guinifer's blog, Halfway down the stairs and she is kicking on the Lime and Violet Sockathon. I've done about five inches on my sock and she's finished a whole pair. This is so totally unfair! But, her hard work did inspire me to take a second look at my pattern.

I am (gasp!) ripping apart my current sock to start another pattern, either the Laburnum 5-stitch pattern or one of the 6-stitch patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I got this book as a Christmas present from my daughter and it's high time I put it to work. Knitting should be fun and the previous pattern just took too much looking back and forth. I just couldn't memorize it. The Schurch book looks very clear and concise (which is funny because I also own Ms. Schurch's Hats On!! which is not my favorite hat book) and I am raring to go get me some socks!

By the way, I think I have found the perfect all-purpose podcast, Richard Taylor's Roots Rock Radio. This alt-country-rockabilly podcast is a swinging listen. Some episodes are darker than others but the Christmas episode (Number 85) is great for listening to while working out and episode 75 is just about perfect for knitting to. Go, Sidewinders, go!

As for the Saturday Seven, I asked my Youngest Daughter whether she wanted to dust the living room - or find seven things that needed good homes. Barely a half an hour later, this is what appeared.

I don't think anyone actually did dust today!


Guinifer said...

Those mittens are a RIOT! What did you use to knit them?

I can't get anyone in my house to go through the books to "give them away", we all sit on the floor and wind up reading for the day!

Kate said...

You have to tell us what yarn you used for these mittens! I love them, but as beautiful as her yarns are, I'm not ordering 3 skeins of Pippi's yarn at $36 a skein to make mittens. 'Cos I'll probably just lose one. So what yarn did you use?

Ellen said...

I actually used some pin-drafted roving that I bought years ago for making doll hair. They turned out - eh, so-so, but that might just be how cheap my roving was. I loved the mittens but hated the thumbs. If you had a better thumb idea, use that instead. I'll post the pictures tomorrow.