Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What's a girl to do?

First, I have to apologize for such a long gap in posting - and warn you that it's about to get longer!

On last Thursday, my trusty lap book began its long march to the sea - otherwise known as the "videocard permanently atached to the motherboard" day of reckoning. My husband called it the the "Ugly Bathroom Wallpaper of Death." Because the video card (which controls what you see on the screen) was dying oh-so-slowly, I would just get signed in and everything up when - boom, down came the video and nothing to see but stripes.

After a long weekend of "Can we or can't we get everything backed up?", I took the laptop in for repairs yesterday. Luckily, it will be gone while I am away in Washington D.C.

Unluckily, you won't get to see or hear about it until I get back. And, now that the digital camera has gone missing as well, you might just have to take my word about it all.

I did have an eventful knitting week - really! The Craft Yarn Council of America had its fabulous "Knit out and Crochet 2007" at the Mall of America this weekend. The big Valentine's Day snow missed us entirely so there were a lot of knitters out and about. I caught a glimpse of Vickie Howell (but no Annie Modesitt yet) and talked about the new Knit Lite needles with the follks at the Clover-USA booth. I don't even crochet but I wanted one of their lighted crochet hooks. Lots of patterns and information about books and yarn as well as demonstrations. There were a lot of people there this weekend - I think the holiday might have had something to do with the full parking ramps but I hope it was the knitters!

I finally picked out the Big Sven pullover pattern from Cottage Creations for my latest sweater and I am taking it along to Washington D.C. for my vacation knitting. This sweater really looks like it will use up my stash!

Enjoy the break and talk to you later!

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Guinifer said...

Have fun in DC - a perfect Spring vacation!