Friday, February 02, 2007

Who's that yarn?

I got a very nice comment about what yarn did I use for my first sweater of 2007. Guess what? I forgot! I gave the remaining skein away with the baby sweater (along with an extra button) so they would have it on hand for mending, new buttons, etc. And I completely forgot what the yarn was called. So, for a few days, I was scouring yarn sellers' sites, looking over all the baby yarns.

I originally bought the yarn some time ago for another project at a local shop, Borealis Yarns, which is not my usual yarn shop. Their web site didn't have much information and I couldn't get over to the actual store. Tonight, I saw it THE YARN online - it was:

Plymouth Encore: a nice soft, baby fluffy 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool yarn. It knit up at 5 sts per 1 inch. They recommended a US size 8 needle. I used my new Knit Picks size 6, 16 inch circular needles as well as set of Brittany size 6 double pointed needles. The yarn came in 200 yds/100g balls - I used two and 1/2. My heathery-denim color is listed as color 658.

So - the mystery of the missing yarn is solved. I recommend it for items that are liable to get washed a lot (like baby sweaters) and the recipient might not want to spend a lot of time on handwashing (like new parents.)

Oh, and I've been spending my time with the mystery patterns from I'm currently knitting up the Mad River felted mittens by Symeon Noth. Love, love love them! I'll post some pictures tomorrow - too many late nights knitting makes for cranky days at Chez Lazy.

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Holly said...

I knit most all my grandchildren's items with Encore. It has just enough wool to be warm and washes and drys beautifully.