Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knit where I can, when I can

Well, I generally knit wherever I go. Participating in Saturday's World Wide Knit in Public, won't be that hard for me. I take my knitting in the car, to school meetings, the dentist, to friend's houses, the park - wherever.

On Saturday, I will take my knitting along when standing in line to pick up my pre-race packet for Sunday's Manitou Sprint Triathlon. I'll take it with me to the graduation tea at Trinity School at River Ridge (I'm the tablecloth person) and I'll take it to the library as well. That is basically my Saturday!

All I am working on is - oh, please, oh, please - finish the green sock! Yes, there is a baby blanket and, yes, there is a shawl - but I really just want to FINISH THE SOCK!


Guinifer said...

Go green sock go!
Have a great weekend - hope the weather holds off for you!

Andy said...

Isn't there a brown sweater on your list somewhere?

Lorraine said...

You WILL finish the sock. (As she waves her hand in a Jedi Master motion)

Whew, what a busy day. I thought things would slow down after school was done.