Saturday, June 23, 2007

No swimming - just a whole lot of learning!

I knew this day would come - I finally got a flat tire (the back tire - a pain to remove!) while biking this morning. So, I pulled over and stumbled through the steps I learned a few weeks ago at a MN Tri Club Flat Tire Clinic. Andy held the instructions for me and took this oh-so-flattering picture. He felt like he was getting dirty looks from other lady cyclists but I really needed to do it on my own. Twenty minutes later, we were on our way.

I was originally supposed to swim this morning but the MN Masters race day set-up would have taken my whole morning (arrive at 9 a.m., swim at 10:30 a.m.) and I didn't want to miss a ride with my honey. So, I skipped the swim and we had a great ride from the capitol, out the Gateway Trail and back on the Bruce Vento trail. We ended up at the Saint Paul Farmer's Market and I still got home in time to clean some toilets. Yea.

The Saturday Seven was an exciting six uniform shirts and a uniform fleece from my Youngest Daughter. She is going into high school next year (hard to believe!) and needs the older girls' uniforms. Off they go to the other family in our school carpool. It's odd to think we won't ever need the classic "Catholic Schoolgirl" uniforms again!

We ended up the day with a great long walk (not really a substitute for a run but fun anyway) and now its time to knit and watch the news. I am still working on the green baby blanket and the red bag. I did get the "No Sheep for You" book from the library and it has some great patterns. I am looking at a cardigan pattern using Queensland Collection Cotolino yarn but it seems like a hard to find yarn. Anyone know where to get some?

Pedaling off into the sunset . . .


Guinifer said...

I'm going to try the Tomato from that book. I like Wendy Bernard' patterns and I love the Blue Sky Cotton

Lorraine said...

WTG on the tire change. When I volunteered at the local tri, a lady ended up not racing because her chain broke and she didn't have the tools or time to fix it. Total bummer! It's a great thing to be able to fix your own bike.