Thursday, June 28, 2007

What to take, what to leave behind

"So, do you have a lot of carry-on space in there? What about a roof rack?"

What knitting do you take on vacation?

Like a lot of knitters, I get some ideas for my knitting from podcasts. Lime and Violet - very funny and a great resource for yarns. Knitty D and the City - once again, a very funny duo and some great stash management ideas (but I wish they would podcast more often!) Stash and Burn - what won't these ladies try! And Knit Picks with Kelley Petkun - she seems to have such a logical mind.

All of the episodes I've been listening to lately involve choosing what to take along when travelling. After my triathlon on Saturday morning, we are loading up the truck and heading to - Pennsylvania. Via, the Wisconsin Dells. A long family vacation which, when broken up into smaller bites, is actually something we all are looking forward to. I am hoping to get some napping done, early on, but lots of knitting later on! So, what to bring?

I have about five projects actually on needles right now (baby blanket, red bag, Pink Ribbon socks, Andy's sweater and a beaded bag. Ooops - and a shawl and a scarf. So, about seven pieces. I am on a deadline with the baby blanket - so it's going. I'd like to bring the socks because they are little and easy to carry about. The shawl is actually almost finished - only two more repeats to go and then the edging.

The red bag - I'm not loving that linen. And, since I've missed some important deadlines, it's officially now on the Christmas list. Same with the scarf. So, those are not going. The beaded bag, it's knit with a dark red Rowan chunky yarn so that can wait until fall.

The big project is Andy's brown sweater. So big, it has its own bag. So big, I keep putting it off. I think I was at this point LAST summer. Its got to come with as well.

Four projects should be plenty - and if it isn't, I've got some yarn stores to visit!

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Lorraine said...

Oh yeah, baby, keep the knit packing light so you have room for all the new stuff from vacation.

Good luck on the tri Saturday! I'll be thinking of you - on the way to a dance performance with DD#1.