Thursday, July 05, 2007

We LOVE Travel!

Well, back in the land of internet connections - we find our faithful heroine, Daisy, resting up after her Minneman Tri on Saturday, June 30. Sad to say, but I just don't care what I look like when racing and this was the most flattering photo available. I think I am due for another bike fitting - this just doesn't look right! But the day was lovely, my run was fine and I came in 13th for my age group.

Afterwards, we loaded up the car and drove to (Beverly?) the Wisconsin Dells. Our family enjoyed fabulous weather and some great water attractions. Even a day later, I was pretty much running on memories of fumes at this point.

Then, we drove on to Pennsylvania. Now, our family ranch/farm is pretty much out in the country and comes without cable, computer connections or even a radio. (I think we know what we are getting Aunt Kim for Christmas!) But it is very relaxing and we would be sleeping in if it wasn't for those darn roosters!

We spent our Fourth of July getting ready for my brother-in-law's big race at the Mercer County Raceway. But he was rained out - too bad!

I did get to a yarn store - the Otter Creek Store in Mercer, Pa. - and bought some great Queensland Collection aran yarn. I brought along my baby blanket - almost finished, thank you! - socks and Andy's sweater. I'll have to break that out next.

And was there a Saturday Seven? I actually got ready ahead of time - I sorted out some teenagers' rooms and set up two Saturday Sevens last week.

A basket, a pair of shoes, three books and two sweaters. Off to Saint John the Evangelist and their fabulous sale! They must have excellent storage because they collect items all year 'round.

Now we are off to my parent's house in southwestern PA. See you soon!


Lorraine said...

Sounds like you're having a blast (except for the rain-out). WTG on the triathlon!!!!! Smokin' finish!

Guinifer said...

PA? That is a hike, even from Wisconsin.

Hey - I think you look pretty good on that bike!