Sunday, July 22, 2007

Partying with the Potters . . . and the Cars

Okay, not a band called the Potters (is there one? I think there might be one!) but the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" release party at the Red Balloon Book Shop in Saint Paul. It was the first Harry Potter party they ever had (they think all good children should be in bed by midnight!) but it was great. There was a contest based on scenes from the books acted out by a youth theatre company, prizes, confetti and Butter Beer!

Someone is very tired! You can guess who gets the first crack at the book!

Of course, I get the book this week! But after our late night, we decided to have another one in a row (Whoo Hoo!) and went to Lumberjack Days in Stillwater. After five hours, I finally got one good photo. Of sorts. The final concert was the New Cars with Todd Rundgren and it was quite good! Those Cars guitarists were great and I've always liked Todd. I even saw him in a double show with the Tubes years ago.

As for the Saturday Seven - a very boring collection of Youngest Child's clothing to be sent to the Fairfield Orphanage in Zimbabwe through our church. Good works but nothing to take a picture of.

Final projects for the weekend - I finished my baby blanket. Sleep tight, honey! The edging was tricky but I think the baby won't mind the grafting job I did.


Lorraine said...

We've done concerts at the Lumberjack Days. They are a blast. We skipped this year, even though there was a concert the DH really wanted to see.

Good times! Hope you caught up on some sleep.

Guinifer said...

Heh he - my dh is from Stillwater and he avoids Lumberjack Days like the plague!

The blanket is very cute - and nicely accented by the cuddler's shirt.