Thursday, July 12, 2007

It came today! Yea!!

I love it! My HKSK swap partner, Gina, sent a great package all the way from Hawaii. It was full of great stuff - Merlin the Cat superwash sock yarn, a copy of "Charmed Knits", a beautiful bag, some cool pins and yummy Hawaiian coffee. Just the stuff to keep me going. I think Ms. G. may be Mama Monkey over at so check her out, her bags are really lovely.

Of course, this brings me up to six new skeins of sock yarn acquired after the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon began - and only three pairs knitted so far. Yikes - good thing Minnesota weather encourages sock wearing!

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Guinifer said...

Nice crack - er, I mean sock yarn! (hehe) I've kind of been stalking her new etsy store - if she sent you stuff you are a lucky gal!