Saturday, July 28, 2007

Time to stop knitting those elf hats!

They were so busy that Hermione had stopped knitting elf hats and was fretting that she was down to her last three.
"All those poor elves I haven't set free yet, having to stay over during Christmas because there aren't enough hats!"
- Hermione Granger

You know how you can be both too busy and too bored at the same time? Last week I was both too busy (driving my children to lessons and tutoring) and too incredibly bored (driving children) that it was making me VERY IRRITABLE. And the last thing you need is an irritated Mom! And it was all in a good cause - I mean, who doesn't want well-educated, able-to-swim kids?

I was getting knitting done but not the quality knitting I wanted. I was getting books read (Harry Potter, of course!) but not when I wanted to. I was exercising but not enough or at times I wanted too. A very unsatisfying week in all.

So, today we just hung out. Went shopping. Antiquing. Cooked out. Played Bocce with the kids. Made a fire in the firepit. Hopefully, this will be enough to reverse the Irritation Trend.

The Saturday Seven was another unsatisfying clump of items. Yes, Youngest Child is growing and these will go to a good cause (The Fairfield Children's Home) but it was too easy. Necessary, needed, practical but, still, boring. Seven "dull but necessary for good works" items. Just call them seven elf hats.

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