Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Socking it to the "Girl from K.N.I.T.T.Y"

These aren't my feet - they are the ridiculously large feet (she knows I love her!) of one of my daughters - but these are my socks!

Yes, just taking a "Dr. Who" break and ignoring my family's demands for companionship got my socks finished. Now, I am back to the "Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon" socks of yesteryear. Yep - I gave up on the "Pink Ribbon" pattern and frogged it all last night. I am going for a quick and dirty ribbed sock so I can get this finished before July. The sad thing is while I've knitted about three pairs of socks since the start of the L&V Sock Marathon, I just realized that I've added about FIVE skeins of sock yarn in that time. I've never been interested in running a marathon - I just didn't realize that there would be so many distractions and roadside attractions to slow me down!

I got a great glimpse into knitting with other fibers last night at the MKG meeting with Amy Singer. Yep, the "Girl from K.N.I.T.T.Y" as she called herself! I didn't buy the book there because there was a line and they all sold out but I am definately going to check it out. Her information about other non-wool fibers was really informative and it gave me a little insight into why my "1824" yarn had so much droop.

I THINK it's just too heavy for the pattern, even though it was from an 1824 pattern book, so I am going to wash it and check out the shrinkage. If that doesn't work, I will take off the sleeves and reknit them. If it still doesn't look good, then, I might just knit it again in another cotton. Or, maybe, make a pillow out of it.


Guinifer said...

That 1824 is in such a gorgeous color too!

Lorraine said...

I love 1824 cotton but it is heavy and it does grow. Have you thought of unraveling the sleeves from the cuff up? It doesn't unravel neatly but it can be done. Then just pick up the bottom of the stitches and knit a cuff. Saves re-knitting the whole sleeve.