Saturday, November 24, 2007

A full pair at last!

Sometimes, my working on socks can drag on for months - I could only wish that they all went as quickly this pair. I think I just get bored and have to put them away for awhile. I must not be a sock knitter because they just don't fly off the needles for me. But then, all that gorgeous sock yarn calls to me and I can't resist. I only wish that I could find sweater yarns dyed half so beautifully as that produced by independent sock yarn dyers.

On this project, I just broke down and ripped back every time I made a mistake. Even last night, I was just about to do the toe decreases when I made the yarnovers for the right side pattern on the wrong side. About an inch of absolute wrongness. So wrong, I must have been knitting in my sleep. Perhaps all that cold medicine caught up with me?

The Saturday Seven came about when I looked long and hard at my closet and pulled out seven things that I have no idea why I was keeping. All were very nice items but NOT me. Over to St. John the Evangelist's Big Sale.

We are all now officially sick - except for Youngest Child. He is fine as frog hair, full of energy and ready to wake up at 6:30 a.m. Unfortunately, we are not. So, this is the messy week at our house - lots of dust and dog hair and used Kleenex - but I can handle that for the time being. Now, it's time to sleep!


Guinifer said...

Well worth the rippage, if you ask me! They turned out beautifully.

Knittymama said...

Those are lovely!!!

Hope you guys are all feeling better soon. It's so not fun when the whole family gets it:-(