Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Monster and Me

After one last day fighting the Monster Virus from Pre-School, I ended up with this lovely prize. One set of blue and red mittens made with leftovers from my yarn stash - Nature Spun, I think but there weren't any ball bands left. They were actually a pair for the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's quarterly charity, the Marvelous Mitten Makers, but I didn't get them finished in time to give them away at our meeting last night. The pair took one day of on and off again knitting to complete.

Our meeting was about becoming a Master Knitter from The Knitting Guild Association. It sounded very interesting but nothing I would start until Youngest Child is in school full time. Intense but in a good way . . . I guess. I have a few knitting issues that this program would force me to solve and that's probably a good thing.

I really enjoyed making a simple pair of mittens again, however. This pattern used doubled yarn and I think it makes the final bind offs at the tip and thumb too pointy. I like all the rest, though. It's the Family Mittens by Lucy Rogers from "Homespun and Hand knit." My husband forced them onto his XL hands (they are supposed to be Adult Small) and asked for a pair in Black and Orange. Halloween for Christmas, I suppose.

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renee said...

I should have gone to the Knitter's Guild meeting this month!! I was stuck working until almost 7:00, so I just wanted to get home and eat and veg out.

I started the Master's Program about 9 years ago or so. I finished and passed Level One and did all the knitting for Level Two, but got stuck with the book reviews and essay on the history of knitting. And now a lot of the requirements have changed, so I'll need to re-knit a lot. But I'm determined to take it back up in the new year.