Friday, November 09, 2007

Lupine Lace review

Well, I could have been at the Guthrie, watching "Jane Eyre" with the rest of my book group but . . . real life interfered. Instead,
DH and I hired a babysitter for Youngest Child and spent the rest of the evening ferrying teenagers around to their various school social functions. Swing Dancing for Middle Daughter. Senior Scavenger Hunt at the Mall of America for Oldest Daughter. Billiards for Youngest Daughter. Good Grief! I would be willing to take a few classes to get this kind of social life!

Knitting time has been a highlight in my week. Youngest Child has spent the last three days at home with a flu/cold - it all blended into lots of sofa time for him - so I've been spending some time with the Lupine Lace Socks. Once again, ripping out was painful, but necessary. I've begun to memorize the pattern - but since the pattern is only the instep now, I sometimes forget the "rest" round in between Lupine Lace rows.

I think I'm still off on my row gauge so I only did four sets of lace repeats instead of the five outlined in the pattern. They are still very long socks. Hopefully, I'll get to the toe tonight!


Guinifer said...

Sounds like one of my usual Fridays! But not this weekend, this weekend I am the ONLY person in my house. All weekend. sigh.

Lorraine said...

You mean there's more to life than ferrying around kids? I'm shocked!

Such pretty socks. I love that color. Is the photo color true? I'm on the hunt for some "gold" sock yarn, since I found a hole in my rainbow of sock colors.