Saturday, November 03, 2007

Going, Going . . . Gone!

Remember this? I knitted this top down "V" neck sweater for Oldest Daughter a little more than a year ago. She never really took to it even though I knitted just what she asked for. This year, she's looking for a cardigan and she suggested that I just take the old sweater apart. So, I did.

It didn't look much better after a year of being worn as sleeping wear.

It did look nice on the swift, however.

I spent Friday ripping it apart and winding up the wool on my swift. By the end of it, my arm was tired! Luckily, I had two discs from Netflix, Season one, Disc One and Two of "Highlander", and with judicious fast-forwarding, made it through the evening. I am pretty sure I won't be getting any more of that television series! It was ridiculously bad - every "New Yawk" accent was tinged with Canadian vowels and that side-kick boy - oh, he must have been the 80's eye candy! Bleh!

I stayed up late last night, washing the wool with "Soak" and hanging it up to dry. I think I'll start looking at Elizabeth Zimmerman's aran sweaters. Oldest Daughter likes the cables!

Today's Saturday Seven was easy - Middle Daughter had to clean her room and she cleaned up her closet as well. Unfortunately, I do remember when she just "had to have" at least two of these items. By the way, I just realized that I've been doing this "Saturday Seven" business for over a year now. I started in August 2006. It is a great idea started by Earthchicknits and it's been very easy. Sometimes, too easy. It really makes me think, "Do I really need this?" and my closet has gotten quite a bit emptier. I only wish my kids could figure this out! Give them time, I guess.


Lorraine said...

Awesome recycling plan! That yarn looks ideal for an Aran sweater.

Can't wait to see what you pick.

Guinifer said...

I bow to you, o Recycling Queen!!! No patience here - none.