Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yesterday, I witnessed a drive by . . .

playing of the National Anthem. Three guys pulled up in a little sedan, parked in the lot of my local grocery store, pulled out their brass instruments and then played the Star Spangled Banner. After we clapped, they played it again, this time for one lady to record it on her phone.

Then, they got off scott free - off to play the National Anthem anywhere they chose!

Luckily, I spent a little time on line this week and realized by Wednesday that my race, the Minniman Triathlon, was TODAY and not on Sunday like I thought. So, I spent this morning swimming, biking and running and had a lovely time! Two minutes off my time from last year and ahead of my friend. That's a lovely morning for me.

I did have time to stop by All About Yarn in Coon Rapids last week - it was on my way to the packet pickup - and bought a little more sock yarn. I think this will be a birthday pair of socks for Mr. Daisy.

Today's Saturday Seven will be a Sunday Seven. Sometimes the photos just take a while! Off to work on my baby blanket! Enjoy your holiday weekend . . .

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Guinifer said...

Woops! and, congrats!

Love the drive-by