Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inching my way onto the Ravelryolympic stage

See that yellow stitch marker? That's how much knitting I've accomplished since the start of the Knitting Olympics. Yea. My first Ravelryolympic event is a WIPdancing - finishing up a Work In Progress (Mr. Daisy's Classic Sock). 

We had a long standing movie date last night so I missed the whole evening. This morning,  dentist visits and housework. Argh. Darn that family life. 

Today I did get to watch the whole Opening Ceremony (Tivo'd, of course) and maybe, just maybe, I can get another inch done tonight. Thank goodness for biathlon and ski jumping!


Stephanie said...

Yay you for doing Ravolympics! I kind of eye it from afar, but I feel like I don't really understand it, so I have yet to get involved..

Lorraine said...

I'm with you. Missed the opening ceremonies because of a "date" with Hubby. However, I thought I had it recorded on our DVR but didn't. (pout) Guess I'll have to find it on YouTube.