Friday, February 19, 2010

Running out of town

This was a week of celebration at our house - the 100th day of school. Where is the 100th day of parenting celebration? The 100th day of knitting? Laundry? Darn it, I just want a party to call my own!

Even though we are getting ready to go out of town (skiing!), I made some sweet rolls to bribe the daughters who were staying home. Both of these trays were made at the same time and cooked at the same time. One was almost underdone and one was way overdone! Mysteries of modern cookery, I guess. Both were delicious, however!

It is crazy hard to photograph two socks done down to the heel turn. I'm hoping to finish this set by tomorrow - it will depend on how good the skiing is, I guess.
Have a lovely Knitting Olympics weekend!

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