Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's amazing what you can get done on a plane

Okay, so not blocked and the flower isn't sewn on in this picture - but it's done!

And these were finished on the weekend!

I had to buy some brown sock yarn for the toes (Cascade perhaps?) but they fit. And they are the largest socks I've ever knit yet. Nine inches long in the leg and nine inches long on the foot. Could it be Mr. Daisy's feet are still growing?

In the midst of my family visit to PA, I stopped into Wolf Creek Yarns for a sock yarn to finish the Classic Socks and found this lovely 

"Copper Penny" colored sock yarn from Prism. A little too close to use for the Classic Socks but perfect for a shawlette . . . 
Now, about that Swedish crochet hat . . .
Oh, and Happy Spring Break, Middle Daughter!

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