Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not really Irish - but faking it very well!

Last Thursday, I was listening to an edition of  the Clockwork Cabaret podcast and heard them discussing some very yummy cupcakes called (of all things) "Irish car bomb cupcakes."

The creator based them on a cocktail drink that I've never tried but believe me, the cupcakes are very rich and very tasty.

Middle Daughter and I must have been craving some chocolate because we gave them a try.

The cupcake batter has Guiness in it, the ganache filling has Irish whisky and the butter frosting has Bailey's Irish Cream in it.

Middle Daughter did say, "All my icing is going to have Baileys in it from now on!"

Our icing was tasty - but not as pretty as the original's.

I was trying out a new icing kit and let's say - I need more practice.

They are so rich I had to limit myself one a day. Everyone had one. 
After two days, I had to freeze the rest so we wouldn't overdo it.

Saturday's Seven was shorts, pants and polo shirts from Youngest Child. Fall must be just around the corner!

More knitting today on  Mr. Greenjeans. I'm on the cabled ribbing right now - my dream gift would be a cable needle on a necklace. I have lost two so far!

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Knittymama said...

I had those same cupcakes at a party last week. Pretty tasty!!