Sunday, August 01, 2010

Funny how things catch up with you

I really thought I would have at least one pair of socks done by now. 

The Vampire Boyfriend Socks? About two inches. 
The Hedgerow Socks? Almost to the ankle.

The Mr. Greenjeans cardigan? Ripped back, cast on again in a smaller size 

and about collarbone length.

Not even a neckwarmer size!

With my hand now officially declared fractured and in a brace, knitting has become difficult. 
And you know why? The yarn catches on the velcro on my brace!
 Knit, knit, knit - pull the yarn out of the brace - knit, knit, knit. Just a little tedious! 
And purling? Oh, man - purling takes forever!

I'm thinking of wearing a sock over my brace (which, ironically, I wear over a sock for padding) to speed things up.

On the bright side, spinning is absolutely no problem. I don't know why but it doesn't make anything sore and I've been using my time wisely.

Once upon a time, GFMelissa gave me this unpleasantly dirty, messy fleece.

It wasn't her fault it was a dirty fleece - someone had actually given it to her about six months before. And, bit by bit, last winter, I cleaned it and washed it and carded it. 
Over the last two weeks, I spun and spun and finally ended up with a pretty basket of yarn.

From left to right, starting inside the basket were three skeins of a soft black/gray, one skein of steel or dark gray; then outside the basket, two skeins of black with coarse long white hairs, one bobbin of light gray singles and then two skeins of dark brown/grey. 

Enough for a traditional gansey - if you don't mind itchy rough wool. 

There was one more bag of dark, extremely VM'd ("vegetable mattered") wool left but I think I'm going to pitch it. Or something. Maybe I'll need it come the nuclear winter but . . . maybe not. 

As for the basket o' yarn, I'm not really sure what I'll be doing with it. The Minnesota Knitters' Guild has a charity program knitting hats and gloves -  this may be the stash for that. 

But I did feel very good about getting it all out of the fiber stash and into the yarn stash.

One of the things I was doing while spinning was watch Eddie Izzard comedy films. Uniquely British and a bit foul mouthed but very, very funny! 

*And for the Saturday Seven - socks. Seven small pairs of sports socks. Even I have bad weeks for giving things away!

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