Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good and bad

Just a quick post to mention that my parents were visiting this past week from Pennsylvania so I really haven't had much time to think about blogging.

It was my book club week so I was trying to catch up on reading this month's selection, The Art of Racing in the Rainby Garth Stein. Not my favorite one so far this year - the narrator is a dog! - but a fair portion has to do with Formula One races and we do watch that around here.

 An almost full house at the Minnesota Knitters' Guild!
This was also the week of the Minnesota Knitters' Guild most popular meeting of the year - the State Fair meeting! That's the meeting where visitors bring items they exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair and then read the judges' comments aloud. Very, very funny! And there were so absolutely beautiful items on display. Congratulations to all who exhibited!

Knitting-wise, this week I also discovered that I wasn't getting the correct gauge anymore on the Mr. Greenjeans sweater. More importantly, I wasn't getting the same gauge as the other sleeve of my sweater. What changed? I checked my needles and pondered . . . why, no hand brace, of course!

So, I've ripped back the sleeve and started it again. With my hand brace on again! Slow going again but this seems to be solving the problem. I'll probably take a picture sometime next week.

I imagine I'll be having a lot of time at home in the coming weeks since I am relatively car-less, now.
Caught like a grape between your fingers!
Friday afternoon, I was driving to the grocery store (after dropping off the kids, thank goodness!) when I was rear ended by a "distracted" driver. I don't really know what caused the accident but he said he "just looked away for a minute" and he ended up getting ticketed. Youngest Daughter cracked wise that "it was probably a 140 character minute!"

His air bag deployed but mine didn't and neither did the bags of the people in the car in front of me that my car banged into. 

They were fine but their trailer hitch did a job on the front of my car. So, I'm not going to be gadding about town very much. Or at least not until the "distracted guy's" insurance steps up!

Lovely British Knitting magazines!

This week's Saturday Seven is more knitting magazines! Seven copies of Simply Knitting and Knitting Magazine. Both are fun British knitting magazines that I pick up every once and a while but I need that shelf space for my subscribed knitting magazines. 

These have also been dropped off at the St. John the Evangelist Huge Sale. 

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