Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just biking around the neighborhood . . .

Just a quick trip to the grocery store on my aqua bike!

I've been unplugged quite a bit recently. With school starting before Labor Day for Youngest Daughter and just after for The Boy and, then, the Labor Day holiday, I've just haven't been around my computer.

I haven't neglected my knitting (I'm finishing up the second sleeve on my Mr. Greenjeans cardigan and there's an inch and a bit more on my Hedgerow socks), my reading (I'm on a mystery kick again!), biking (doing the Saint Paul Bike Classic on Sunday - will I see you there?) and playing my new obsession - Plants vs. Zombies on my phone. 

If you haven't seen this game yet - it is a huge time waster! But so, so fun.

I also am getting ready to make the Ruth's Adult Cap from Norwegian Handknits: Heirloom Designs from Vesterheim Museum by Janine Kosel and Sue Flanders.

This is a cute, simple cap that I'm going to make for the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's charity knitting project this fall. I'm thinking of using this great purple  yarn:

One last glimpse of our trip to Wisconsin this Labor Day weekend:

Mr. Daisy out for a spin.


Ladybug Crossing said...

I love Plants vs Zombies!!!
Your aqua bike looks really fun.
We have a couple more college apps to get finished up over here and then it's on to scholarship apps... (He is hoping to hear from his first choice school so he doesn't have to write any more essays!)
It's a busy time, but it's an exciting time!!

Debbie said...

Fun to read your blog! Love the purple yarn...will make a great hat! Check out for a wonderful charity group that gives blankets to AIDS orphans in South Africa. We send 8 inch squares and the volunteers in Soweto sew them inot blankets. It's a great charity and their website is fun and friendly. Join us!
Yours in knitting,
Debbie Pos