Monday, July 18, 2011

A busy, busy weekend!

Well, Saturday was 96 degrees F. and humid -  but luckily that all blew in after Youngest Child's Big Day at the Lake Nokomis Miracle Kids Triathlon.

Hanging out on the beach before his wave is pretty much his speed. He loves the music, making friends with the other kids and doesn't have any problem with the training. That's really all you can ask of an 8 year old!

There he goes!

The sun finally came out afterward and we were glad to go home. This week? Hockey camp will be the perfect place to be to beat the heat.

As for me, I'm making waves, no stripes.

I'm not going to have enough Cascade Fixation in green to make a second hat so GFMelissa gave me some of her leftovers and I'm making a striped chemo hat for the MKG service committee.

And I'm spinning up a storm of "Mystery Fiber - probably Merino" for the Tour de Fleece. 

The only problem is that my spinning stool is killing me! I seriously need a cushion or something - there is a reason wooden stools went out of fashion!


Knittymama said...

Glad your spinning is coming along, i have failed miserably at the Tour this year, only one lousy bobbin

Guinifer said...

We were in a suburb of Chicago watching Puck play lacrosse in the stifling heat and humidity on Sat. and Sunday. I would have preferred swimming myself. Did you guys get rained on?

Ellen said...

It rained early in the day but turned gloriously sunny and hot by afternoon. And then the heat went on and on and on and on . . .

And I don't think anyone fails at the Tour - you are just at the back of the pack!