Friday, July 01, 2011

Like you all have time on your hands . . .

Yes, it's 95 degrees F. outside right now and that is limiting our free time options. Until the weather breaks, it's time to explore inside entertainment options.

Knitting? Check.
Spinning? Check.
Playing games? Check (especially if  you are playing Dominoes or Dutch Blitz! We love these both!)
Playing on-line games? CHECK!!

Yes, I'm a sharing a big time sink of a game with you. The Floating City.

This is a free game based on the music of Thomas Dolby. Yes, the "Blinded by Science" guy. He has done lots of other things and this online game is the latest. Basically, it is a post-apocalyptic scenario in that time has gone awry, the magnetic poles are shifting and everyone is escaping by boat.

It is a slow but steady, "trading for supplies to get ahead" kind of game. It's oddly satisfying to check in every few hours to see if any of your trades have been accepted. And it is free so, that's something!

You can sign up at this link HERE.

Now, back to  your regularly scheduled knitting . . .

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